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Recap of Reds Position Grades

I’m using an audible today. I was going to begin the next set of year-end posts and do one on a Reds player that could become a free agent after the World Series.

Do we honestly care about a guy that never threw a pitch for the Reds last season? For the particular player I was going to do, can’t say that I do. The advantages of a title, I suppose.

Instead, let’s look back at those grades the BRM staff (including myself) assigned to each of the positions.

Position Grade
First Base A-
Second Base C
Shortstop D+
Third Base B-
Left Field C-
Center Field A-
Right Field B
Catcher C-
Starting Rotation B+
Bullpen B-
Bench B

Clicking on the position will take you to the corresponding post.

This averages extremely close to a B- for all positions. While we will all never agree on assigning grades, I think we can all agree that the Reds as a team this season were around the B- area. A few things that struck me…

1. Todd Frazier‘s offense and defense. It’s not that I was completely baffled by the offensive drop. I did expect some as, you know, that’s what players in their second season are kind of sort of supposed to do. I was pleased with his defense. You could make an extreme case that the ToddFather deserved to be a Gold Glove finalist for this season ahead of David Wright.

2. I’m not much on “wordy posts”, but it’s was extremely difficult to argue with anything Jared put forth in his assessment of the bench. Might not agree with the grade he assessed, but it is worthy of another read…provided you have time.

3. One post that provided a few arguments was Torry’s grade he gave to first base. The vast majority of that grade was directed at Joey Votto. The one issue that some within the fanbase take exception to is the now worn out argument of RBI. With a new guy at the helm, we may see some different things from #19 in 2014.

You may have noticed we didn’t do a specific post directed at the manager. Since Dusty’s no longer here, it’s time to move on to the new regime…and hope 2014 can provide the results we expected in 2013.

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