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Marty: Reds Could Explore Trading BP

I suppose you could file this under “impossible”.

Marty Brennaman made an appearance on MLB Network Radio yesterday. According to, Marty stated the Reds could look to move second baseman Brandon Phillips this off-season. Lead writer Matthew Cerrone adds this…

In an effort to further shake up the team, in the wake of firing Dusty Baker today, the Reds know Phillips is their best chance to free up payroll and bring in immediate-impact prospects, according to Brennaman.

Freeing up payroll, you say? For those Reds players currently on the books for next season, BP is set to make $11MM, second highest on the team to Joey Votto’s $12MM. In total, BP is owed $50MM over the next four years.

I see some of you shaking your heads in disbelief. Too far-fetched. Popular player willing to go to area games, numerous picture opportunities with fans.

The part of this that might not be far-fetched is that a few days ago, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that Reds were one of seven teams that might be in on signing Cuban middle infielder Alex Guerrero. Most MLB scouts view Guerrero as a second baseman and even though his original deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers (5 years, $32MM) fell through due to issues surrounding representation, he would be less than Phillips. Factor in the extra year at that cost plus Guerrero is 26 years old.

Guerrero is now represented by Scott Boras and as you would expect, Guerrero is now looking for a little more dough.

You obviously have the experience factor going significantly BP’s way. And yes, there would undoubtedly be a backlash from a portion of the Reds fanbase.

Consider this though. John Fay tweeted a reason for his dismissal was Baker’s handling of the BP/C. Trent Rosecrans situation. While it did not play a major role in Dusty’s departure, I’m led to believe it might have been a minor factor. If so, this falls into line what Cerrone writes.

All this out in the open, please keep three things to keep in mind here. First, this is purely conjecture on Marty’s part. Second, consider two words: could explore. Meaning not set in stone. Meaning could not explore. Third, Marty also said trading BP would be a mistake.

As I brought this to the staff, Jesse may have had the most poignant reply:

Feel like it’s the typical “if we get an offer we can’t refuse.”

Yep, Jesse, to me it does.

(H/T: MLB Injury News)

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