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And The Regular Seasons Ends

Not the final result we had hoped to see out of our beloved Cincinnati Reds when the season began. A third-place finish in NL Central and a wild card berth we a little below many of our expectations. On to Pittsburgh to win the one game and keep motoring through the playoffs…

Over the next month or so, you will be treated to some of BRM’s season-end fodder. Here’s a sneak peek.

– All NL Central team
The staff already had their ballots, and we’ll have this out by the middle of next week.

– Postseason awards
BRM also conducts its own vote for all the major awards according to those of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. This year, I added a twist. We’ve had a couple of posts talking about some of these awards, so go back and vote in the polls within those posts. I’ll use the results to cast a ballot on behalf of our readers.

– A Review of the Season
Relive each month of the regular season including highlights and big moments.

– Grading the Players
Yes, we’ll put the guys to the test and see how they did in 2013.

Now, here’s where you come in on our October. Is there something special you would like to see BRM have? Head to the comments section and let us know. Of course you’ll get credit if we use your suggestion. And you never know. You might be asked to participate with us, too. Happened to a reader in preseason, so why not now?!?!

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