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Billy Hamilton, Weapon

Savior? NL MVP? Billy for President?

These are the things that I’ve read about surrounding a new era in Cincinnati called “Billy Ball”. Is it just that Billy Hamilton has brought excitement to the Reds? Is it the notion that the lunch pail, blue collar Reds needed a spark? “Billy Ball” begins and ends with energy. A kind of energy that also brings leadership and revitalizes the rest of the team.

The entire season, fans and media alike have called for a member of the team to step up and provide that ole’ punctuation, “Leader”. It’s really something that cannot be asked of anyone. Literally, a Leader is someone who brings about an emotion from others who follow, well “his lead”. Well ladies and gentleman, ever heard that saying, “take the reins”? One Billy Hamilton has not only taken that step after step after step to bring about this new found “Reds Swagger” on the field. He has simply done it by doing what he does best. Steal bases and distract the opponent.

Too many times ball players are asked of this mantle without any respect to who they are or what kind of demeanor they may have. Case in point is 2010 NL MVP Joey Votto. Is it too much to ask Votto to be a vocal leader? In my opinion, yes. A Leader is someone who comes to the call without having to be asked. Leadership is something that usually goes unsaid. Billy Hamilton has been called fast, a human highlight reel, and anything but a leader. But just look at the rest of the team following his lead. You might have to look again to see it, because you might miss it.

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