The Brand AMP/Qualcomm and MLBAM

FANtasking and GABP

The Brand AMP/Qualcomm and MLBAM

The Brand AMP/Qualcomm and MLBAM

What is FANtasking? Let me back up a bit. Have you heard of FANtasking?

Read the image above. Got it? FANtasking involves the act of constantly receiving information about the play on the field. It is also interacting with the team while engaging with other baseball fans. Posting to Facebook, Tweeting, snapping and posting photos to Instagram, watching online highlights, streaming other games, and a host of other activities available through mobile devices is FANtasking, too.

What’s all this about?

Qualcomm developed a special FANtasking Facebook tab and a contest available to fans. This Facebook tab will serve as a digital hub where baseball fans can enter to win a trip to a 2014 MLB Opening Day game at the stadium of your choice. Simply post your best FANtasking photo to the special Facebook page or by tweeting your photo using #FANtasking. Boom, entered. Don’t forget that hashtag if you’re using Twitter.

Pretty simple, huh?

How did this all come about?

In April 2013, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) and MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) joined together in an effort to optimize wireless connectivity in all 30 Major League Ballparks. With the explosion of the number of mobile devices along with the even greater explosion of mobile data traffic, Qualcomm has been preparing for an amazing 1000x increase in data demand by the year 2020. Qualcomm is leading this charge along with MLBAM to provide FANtaskers the access they need to digital content. This will result in an unparalleled in-ballpark experience.

MLBAM and Qualcomm’s partnership will usher in a new era of mobile access in all 30 MLB stadiums across the country, further cementing MLB’s commitment to delivering the best experience to FANtaskers everywhere.

So now that you have all the details, get FANtasking!

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