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BP and the Butt Tag

The butt tag. Others have referred to it as the butt slide. Either way you wish to call it, that moment will certainly be one thing Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips remembers from his 2013 season. First would be a World Series win, if it truly happens. Second would then be his 100 RBI season, a goal he set from season’s start.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen this, but you know want to watch it at least one more time.

If you listen to Chris Welsh, this wasn’t the smartest move from Astros shortstop Johnathan Villar. The ‘Stros were down four, and that’s just the beginning. It’s clear that Villar hesitated as he rounded first base. Mistake no. 2.

Mistake no.3 was that Shin-Soo Choo was fielding the ball. Now Choo doesn’t exactly possess the best outfield arm in baseball, but it’s not horrible either.

No. 4? Where was Villar going to slide other than BP’s posterior?

Reds fans are used to the lighter side of Phillips, and you would assume correctly if you thought BP would have a bit of fun with this. Phillips told The Houston Chronicle:

“It was a crazy play,” he said. “I liked the play, but I didn’t like all that face in the butt. I felt uncomfortable and violated. I know he felt violated too. I’m glad it wasn’t my face.”

And where else to look for other BP comment? Twitter, naturally.

Click on that Instagram link within that tweet. See the different images? Nine different angles?

This all coming off the heels of ESPN announcing that they were retiring Mark Sanchez and the butt fumble. Well, now they have another butt moment.

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