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The Reds Rear View: The Nationals

So how close are the Washington Nationals to catching our beloved Cincinnati Reds?

Well, before I answer that, recall some time ago when it was the Arizona Diamondbacks? Then the Snakes came into GABP and, well, after the Reds took three of four, they were no longer in the hunt.

Can’t happen with the Nats. No games left against them, so others must aid our cause.

The Reds biggest ally right now is…the Atlanta Braves. And maybe in another few days, the Cardinals? Here’s the remaining schedule for both teams and number of games for that series versus each opponent.

CIN: @HOU (3), @PIT (3), NYM (3), PIT (3)
WAS: ATL (3), MIA (4), @STL (3), @ARI (3)

Both teams will face a tough, playoff-bound opponent at home and on the road. Just so happens that for the Reds, it’s the same team in the Pirates. Washington will face the Braves and Cards.

Maybe this will put your mind more at ease.

Wins Reds (12) Nats (13)
86 2-10 7-6
87 3-9 8-5
88 4-8 9-4
89 5-7 10-3
90 6-6 11-2
91 7-5 12-1
92 8-4 13-0

The number in parenthesis reflect the number of games each team has remaining.

Now the Reds currently sit at 84 wins, the Nationals are at 79. If Cincy managed only two more wins for the rest of the season, the Nationals would still have to go 7-6 to force a tie for the final NL wild card spot. Even a .500 record in the Reds final 12 would result in the Nats having to go 11-2.

Not as close as some fear.  For the Nats, is this doable?  Sure.  Washington did recently reel off 7 straight wins. Likely?  Refer to the above table and determine the realistic possibilities.

If you’re wondering about a so-called “magic number”, it’s 9. A combination of 9 Reds wins and Nats losses will result in the Reds clinching at least a tie for the final wild card spot. Not the hopes and wishes for the Reds and their fans as we embarked on this season, was it?

(Editor’s Note: The Braves/Nats game for today has already been postponed due to the news out of DC. Please keep those folks affected in your thoughts today).

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