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No Streaking?

The team that simply cannot get on a run. Could use that sentence to define the 2013 Cincinnati Reds.

Comparing teams from different seasons is a risky undertaking. There are variables from a roster standpoint that make it practically impossible. You’ve got heath as well. You have also individual player performances. One aspect in which the front office does have some control, the others, the FO has virtually no control.

But yet, here I stand, mentioning numbers from 2012 and 2013. Why? Look on…

Last season, the Reds season was punctuated with that unforgettable ten-game winning streak. Did you know that the 2012 Reds posted five other winning streaks of at least five wins or more?

6 games: May 19 to May 24; June 12 to June 17; July 6 to July 15 (wrapped around All-Star Game)
5 games: July 31 to August 4; August 10 to August 15

During 2012 all the “big” winning streaks had come and gone by this point on last year’s calendar. The Good Guys did put together a couple of four-game winning streaks in September. Not to get ahead of myself, but they’ll need to find at least a couple of those this month.

But this season has simply not gone that way. In fact, the longest winning streak in 2013 is at 6. Not expecting a ten-gamer like we witnessed last season, but Cincinnati has accomplished that once. Tack on a couple of five-game winning streaks and you have three streaks with five or more wins, or exactly half as many as in 2012.

6 games: May 10 to May 16
5 games: May 20 to May 25; August 11 to August 15

And the most recent brought a returning hope to Reds fans. We saw them draw to within 2.5 of the division lead. Not been an inch closer since. Since August 15, a pair of modest two-game winning streaks and a three-game losing streak see the Reds currently 3.5 games out of the division’s top spot.

This month didn’t start as hoped as the Reds dropped the final game – and the series – at Colorado. Here’s hoping…

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