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Bigger Than Hoped: BP/CTR Flap Hits TMZ, Overseas

This seriously cannot be good, can it? Any time you find your name or anything you’re associated with on TMZ’s website or its show, you know something could potentially hit the fan.

So you thought, maybe even hoped, that the whole Brandon Phillips/C. Trent Rosecrans issue was over. Not heard a whole lot from either of them on the matter. Apparently, there is a group that is a little perturbed at BP…and Dusty…and the team.

According to TMZ, yes, TMZ, NAAFA (The National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance, is calling for an apology from BP. It’s obvious why they are wanting such from Phillips, as NAAFA told TMZ, “[Brandon's] poor choice of words indicates that he may have missed the fact that verbal aggression and threats are bullying.”

Adding Baker to their list might be a bit of a shock…then you consider how some including NAAFA, perceived how the Reds skipper handled the situation by “allowing his player to bully a reporter during this press conference. There are no innocent bystanders.”

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Doesn’t stop there. TMZ states that NAAFA is also upset since the Reds organization participates in anti-bullying campaigns, yet “[p]utting on an anti-bullying face then allowing the blasting of a reporter’s body-size is not acceptable.”

TMZ states they reached out to the team, but the Reds have not responded.

Then again, if you read the post on TMZ’s site (link provided above), you have to wonder how serious the matter is in their eyes considering the swipes they take at NAAFA, including their headline.

And when a situation as this reaches overseas, as it has with the Daily Mail, you can’t help but cringe even more at the attention it has received.

And how did I come across this? Google News, just below news of last night’s game and before that of the Reds plans to have Billy Hamilton among its September call-ups.

Wish I hadn’t checked it today.

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