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August Stat Oddities

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Off days drive me bonkers. Yesterday, amid my jonesing for some baseball, I decided to check out how the Good Guys were doing from a statistical standpoint. Found a few weird things in sifting through the numbers. SUre, a couple of days left in the month (and hopefully another couple of wins), but some things grab your attention for weird reasons.

Bronson Arroyo has registered 31 strikeouts in August. Only 1 walk. Pretty impressive SO/BB ratio. Oh, and he’s done that in 30.2 IP. Nice SO/9 (9.1), too. In addition, those 31 whiffs lead the entire Reds staff for the month. And Arroyo gets the call tonight in Colorado. A chance to play “add-on”.

No Reds regular position player has an August batting average of .300 or higher. That revelation might be a bit of a surprise, but the fact that Joey Votto has the highest among regulars at .289 most likely isn’t.

Could you guess the two players tied for second? They’re only 7 points behind Votto. How about Zack Cozart and Brandon Phillips at .282.

But Votto doesn’t own the most hits from August. That might not be a shock to some, not so much for others. Votto has 24 hits, which is 5 behind team leader BP.

I’ll give you three guesses which Red has driven in the most run so far this month. Not Jay Bruce (13). Not Brandon Phillips either (13). Votto you say? He’s got 12 RBI. If those were your three guesses, you’re all out now. The correct answer is Zack Cozart with 14.

Three players have 4 home runs this month. Can you name them? Bruce is a solid guess, and you would be correct. Two more to go. In looking over the team roster, you could surmise Votto. That would also be right. Bruce (26) and Votto (20) are the top two home run hitters on the team. But the other may surprise you a bit. It is…Chris Heisey.

Just a few things I found as odd…

Three game series against the Colorado Rockies commences this evening. First game tonight gets underway at 8:40 PM EDT.

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