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Does Series Loss Now Have Reds Looking in Rear View Mirror?

2013 wasn’t supposed to go in this direction. Another series loss to the division rival St. Louis Cardinals, and some residents of Redsland must be wondering what happened. What about being “all in”? What about all the “unfinished business”? What about all the expectations?

Expectation is the root of all heartache. – William Shakespeare

How much are you aching?

Not sure we’ve reached the exact point to which ol’ Bill refers to here. Dropping another two of three to the Cards can surely cast some doubt on those expectations. And then, one question undoubtedly follows…

Were the expectations for 2013 too high?

I didn’t believe so. I thought some pieces were certainly in place for this club. It became a matter of having other pieces perform according to, well, expectations. Still believe this Reds team can go places in 2013. I know others might not believe as such at the moment, if at all.

Over the next week, here’s what the Pirates, Cards and Reds have on their respective schedules.

PIT: MIA (3) at PNC, COL (3) at Coors Field
STL: LAD (4) at Busch, CHC (3) at Busch
CIN: OAK (2) at GABP, SDP (3) at GABP

Yes, the Reds have two days off this upcoming week: tomorrow and Thursday.

Oh, that rear view mirror?

In dropping those two of three to the Cards, the Good Guys still hold a grasp on the NL’s second wild card spot. Is that now in a bit of a precarious position? After today’s numbing loss – or drubbing, if you prefer – Cincinnati holds a 4.5 game lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks for that #2 WC position. Looks like that will remain at 4.5 games as the Red Sox are handling the Snakes today.

Another big series could be lurking when Arizona visits GABP for four games in a couple of weeks. Time to shift the focus and/or expectations? Well, if you are one that is doing that…

ARI: TB (2) at Chase, NYM (3) at Chase

Hope that rear view never becomes a side mirror.

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