PEDs and the Impact

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So on Bartolo Colon, after serving a 50-game suspension last year, the Oakland A’s presented Colon with a one-year, $3M deal. Seeing as Colon was 39 at the time of the deal, seems like it was an okay one. Can’t see any team giving him a multi-year deal, but maybe more on the money front. Still, Colon did all right.

But Colon is having an even better season this year than last, and that may lead some agreeing with Olney’s tweet in principle, and that appears to be Olney’s intent. He was selected for the AL All-Star team and owns a record of 14-3 with an ERA of 2.54 (3rd in AL) and WHIP of 1.094 (8th in AL).

Things could change for Colon. The New York Post’s Joel Sherman and Ken Davidoff report that this week MLB could hand down the other suspensions as a result of its investigation into Biogenesis. Of course, their angle applies more to the dealings with the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, but Colon is one player also mentioned within the notes of the now-shuttered clinic’s operator, Anthony Bosch.

This could have a major effect Colon and the Oakland A’s. Heading into today’s action, the A’s were 5 games up in the AL West. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much other than this. If Colon were to receive 50 games, he could still be eligible for the postseason if the A’s advance. Sherman and Davidoff state that MLB wants to make these suspensions prior to any team having less than 50 games remaining.

What remains to be seen and heard is the length of the suspensions MLB could levy. Could each player accept a deal as was reported the route Ryan Braun took? For Colon, that would serve him and the A’s within their best interests provided there is evidence against him. Might not be a deal as a few days ago, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News says Colon won’t take a deal. With today’s revelation by the NY Post about suspensions coming this week, that could change.

Other players mentioned in Bosch’s notes that have also already served a 50-game suspension are Toronto’s Melky Cabrera and San Diego’s Yasmani Grandal.

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