Saturday Weekend Edition: Cincinnati Reds "Clutch Hits" Revisited

(Personal Image from Clutch Hits CD)

For those fans who joined the fold long before the bandwagon of recent success, there was a time when the Reds played in a place known as Cinergy Field (nee Riverfront Stadium … and, for our purposes, *really* the name of said location).  In the transition from one corporately-named location to another, the Reds wanted something special to christen their new digs at Great American Ball Park. What better way to do this than establish the Reds Community Fund AND create a pretty cool music album in the process.

What happened next was a CD entitled “Cincinnati Clutch Hits” – a collection of music with an overall baseball theme, in particular for the “new” Cincinnati Reds team destined to take the field in the new ballpark.

The track listing read like a “Who’s Who” of local Cincinnati artists, including transplant Peter Frampton (of “Frampton Comes Alive” fame in the 1970s and a staple of the Cincinnati scene in the intervening years after moving here with family connections via his wife).  Prominent repeat names on the disc included national-recording artist Blessid Union of Souls (hits “I Believe”, “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)”, “Light In Your Eyes”, and more) along with fantastic local indie artists like the Screaming Mimes, the psychodots, Freekbass, and Jake Speed & the Freddies.

I can honestly say I have no idea if the Reds Community Fund still sells this CD at the Pro Shop adjacent to GABP, but they did bring it back revamped during the 2006-08 seasons, even after some names like Austin Kearns and Adam Dunn (along with Ken Griffey Jr) were starting to fade from our collective memories.  If you can still find a copy, I think the “timelessness” of some songs outweighs any “nostalgia” that may be associated with a bunch of truly bad Reds teams in that same era transitioning from Carl Lindner to Bob Castellini.  Without a doubt, baseball – and any sport for that matter – can reach the greater masses through the power of good music, and this effort knocked one out of the park.

Track Listing:

1. Marty’s Intro – Marty Brennaman

2. Wire to Wire – And Andy

3. Reds Fan – Freekbass

4. Under the Lights – Noah Hunt

5. Three Cheers Cincinnati – Screaming Mimes

6. Score – Jen Hillard

7. Play Ball – Blessid Union of Souls

8. Old Man Joe – Jake Speed & The Freddies

9. Heart of a Hero – Raquel Aurilia

10. Cul-de-sac League – Ryan Adcock

11. Gimmetheball – psychodots

12. Me, Marty, Joe, Ted & Louise – Blessid Union of Souls

13. Hall of Fame – Greg Mahan

14. Lost in the Lights – Chalkie featuring BUOS

15. Daddy’s Glove – Kinsey Rose

16. The Big Show – Screaming Mimes

17. Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Peter Frampton

BONUS TRACK:  Blessid Union of Souls “Go Home” Video


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