Will Devin Mesoraco Ever Get His Chance?

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Hanigan makes a bare handed catch of a ball as MLB umpire Jim Reynolds looks on in the fifth inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)


This is where Hanigan is clearly the better option. Don’t think there’s a question here, but just so you can see, I’ll have a few digits for you.

Caught stealing: Hanigan – 52% (10 SB, 11 CS), Mesoraco – 22% (25 SB, 7 CS)
Passed balls: Hanigan – 2, Mesoraco – 3
Wild Pitches: Hanigan – 17, Mesoraco – 15
Errors, throwing: Hanigan – 1, Mesoraco – 5
DRS (defensive runs saved): Hanigan – 1, Mesoraco – (-3)

Do we need more evidence here? I don’t believe so, but just so we’re clear on this, Ryan Hanigan is the best option from a defensive standpoint. The Reds do value defense in the middle of the field. That’s why Hanigan gets the nod.

Reds fans have been saying for the past couple of seasons (at least) that Hanigan doesn’t receive the defensive accolades he should. Was mentioned on here last season. That post from former staff writer Matt Gahris still gets a fair share of reads.

What should we take away from Mesoraco’s defense? Only that it needs to improve. It’s not that he’s terrible defensively, but we don’t see the prowess from him that Hanigan displays.

Maybe Hanigan has spoiled us.

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