Will Devin Mesoraco Ever Get His Chance?

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Mesoraco sits in the dugout during the sixth inning against The Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. (Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports Images)

For the past two seasons, Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco has received some playing time, but some members of the Reds fanbase would tell you it isn’t nearly enough. Starting two or maybe three days out of a week doesn’t give him the opportunity to prove his worth to the organization. He should be the guy out there every game.

Those aren’t my words even though I typed them. Those are from comments I’ve seen on various sites.

Last season, Mes wasn’t even on the postseason roster as Dioner Navarro, a Triple-A All-Star at Louisville, was called up late in the season when Mesoraco hit the 7-day DL due to a concussion. During that time, Mesoraco also served a suspension for bumping an umpire. When Mesoraco was removed from the 7-day DL, he was optioned to Louisville, not Navarro, and would not return to Cincy until September call-ups. During his return, he only played in two September games.


Around that time, the murmurs began if the Reds had included the wrong catcher in the Mat Latos deal. In that trade, Yasmani Grandal was sent to San Diego. Plus, there had been previous whispers that other teams had Mes in their sights. Grandal has enjoyed some success in San Diego last season, but has also served a 50-game suspension for elevated testosterone levels. He has struggled offensively this season.

And those murmurs have grown a bit in volume.

But the Reds entered 2013 with both Mesoraco and Ryan Hanigan as their backstops. Most of the baseball projections had indicated they thought Mesoraco would receive the bulk of the workload this season. He has, but not due to being given the job or his overall play, but due to Hanigan hitting the disabled list on two occasions.

There’s one thing we can agree on: it comes down to performance. How have these two performed so far in 2013?

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