Jul 10, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Cozart scores on a groundout by BPin the 3rd inning of the game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. (Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports)

Baker Sticks by Cozart as 2-Hitter

Earlier today, Reds fans were teased by John Fay for this…

So, we waited, but not long.

Anyone that has paid any lick of attention to the Res this season knows the perils of the #2 spot in the Reds batting order. It basically hasn’t existed. The original plan for the 2013 season was to have Brandon Phillips man the spot. Upon a Ryan Ludwick injury on Opening Day, Baker moved BP to clean-up and elevated Cozart from 7th to 2nd.

The latter didn’t happen as quick as moving BP.

Cozart’s triple slash from the lineups’s second spot isn’t anything special (.253/.281/.370), but one area in particular is where Baker is most concerned. From Fay…

“He’s got to stay out of the air, No. 1,” Baker said. “There’s nothing up in the air but outs. He had it for a while…”

Well, it might not be best for that either as Cozart leads the Reds in GIDP with a dozen. Cozart is second on the team in sac bunts with 9 (Arroyo has 10) and tied with BP in sac flies with 7, so there’s been some production from him.

But in some minds, this season is slipping away and one culprit is the lack of production from the second spot. As a team, the Reds have very little to show from “amassing” a rather dreadful looking 3-slash of .230/.268/.342.

Now look at Cozart’s numbers from that spot. They’re better.

Maybe there honestly is no other choice here.

And that’s kind of scary…

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