Bailey hurled his second no-hitter of his career against the San Frnacisco Giants on July 2, 2013. (Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports)

Bailey Hurls Another No-No

The last time MLB had a no-hitter, it was last September. The date was September 28, 2012 to be exact. The last pitcher to do so was Cincinnati Reds hurler Homer Bailey. Bailey no-hit the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Reds won by a 1-0 score.

On this evening, July 2, 2013, Bailey was looking to duplicate the feat he pulled off at PNC Park. The last time a pitcher was responsible for MLB’s consecutive no-hitters was accomplished by none other than Nolan Ryan. He hurled a no-no on September 28, 1974 against the Minnesota Twins. Ryan recorded MLB’s next no-hitter on June 1, 1975 when he held the Baltimore Orioles.

September 28th, huh? Cue The Twilight Zone theme…

And Bailey was just as on his game this night as he was last September. Only one Giant reached base. Homer walked Gregor Blanco to start the 7th inning. Fitting that it was Blanco that recorded the game’s final out as he grounded out. The average price of reds tickets to see the no-no was $31, and you could have scored a ticket for as little as $5.

The final score was a 3-0 Reds win, but that is obviously not the story. This night was all Homer, all the time.

Of the six previous occasions where one pitcher was responsible for baseball’s consecutive no-hitters, Ryan pulled off the feat…twice. Here’s the list:

Addie Joss (Cleveland Naps): October 2, 1908 (v. Chicago White Sox) and April 20, 1910 (v. Chicago White Sox)
Johnny Vander Meer (Cincinnati Reds): June 11, 1938 (v. Boston Bees) and June 15, 1938 (v. Brooklyn Dodgers)
Allie Reynolds (New York Yankees): July 12, 1951 (v. Cleveland Indians) and September 28, 1951 (v. Boston Red Sox)
Warren Spahn (Milwaukee Braves): August 16, 1960 (v. Philadelphia Phillies) and April 28, 1961 (v. San Francisco Giants)
Nolan Ryan (California Angels): May 15, 1973 (v. Kansas City Royals) and July 15, 1973 (v. Detroit Tigers)
Nolan Ryan (California Angels): September 28, 1974 (v. Minnesota Twins) and June 1, 1975 (v. Baltimore Orioles)

Now add Bailey to this list as the 7th time. This peculiar feat had not been done since Ryan?

Of course, we all know that Vander Meer is the only pitcher to hurl back-to-back no-hitters.

Bailey is now baseball’s 27th pitcher to record multiple no-hitters and the first to toss a no-no at Great American Ball Park.

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