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Blog Red Machine's Readers All-Star Balloting Commences

Getting to be that time of year. That time when numerous posts and articles hit the interwebs covering All-Star Game related topics. There will be posts about how the current voting system is flawed to the ASG should or should not continue to determine the home field advantage for the World Series to when ASG voting should commence.

But this isn’t one of those. I have a two-fold meaning for this.

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Every year Blog Red Machine casts its “own ballot”. Recently, I sent each staff writer a ballot and the results from such will be in a forthcoming post. Once all the ballots are received, I will cast the 25 ballots permissible on MLB.com. With only another ballot or two yet to be received, some fascinating

The second reason is that this post is the ballot for BRM readers. The process is simple.

Head to the comments section and tell us your ballot as a comment. Put the position and the player’s last name (at least) for each position. For the outfield, please have three names. Here’s the “ballot”…


Copy the above, scroll down to our comments section, start a comment, paste the above and add player names to leave your BRM reader’s ballot. If you also wish to provide reasoning for your vote, feel free to leave that as well.

(Please note that comments left on Twitter and/or Facebook will NOT be considered.)

Voting for the BRM Readers Ballot will be in one week at 11:59 PM ET on Thursday, June 20, 2013. I will take all the ballots, your comments for this post, and create one ballot to cast at MLB.com (25 votes) on behalf of our readers.

Overall All-Star voting ends at 11:59 PM ET on Thursday, July 4, 2013. You can head there and cast your own 25 (or possibly as many as 35) ballots as well. (VOTE HERE!)

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