Apr 24, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Frazier's last home run came on April 26th against the Cubs. (Photo: David Kohl - USA TODAY Sports)

Reds Off Days Always Create Interesting Talk

No game today, so sit back and enjoy a go around the Twitterverse…

A few intriguing topics hit the BRM timeline today. One subject might be getting swept under the rug. Another provides a subject that is getting a rehash after seemingly being “corrected”. The last, and maybe the one that perks up an ear or two is that of trade chatter whether it’s brought forward by Twitter or a national writer wondering aloud.

All of which are noteworthy…

1. Todd Frazier

You look at Frazier’s overall line as of today and you may shiver a bit. Currently owning a triple slash of .239/.321/.444 with 6 home runs and 24 RBI and there will be some that are content. He’s 2nd on the team in homers (6) and RBI (24) and 4th in SLG.

This is the beauty (or ugliness, depending on your stance) of having sites that gather baseball “information”. Over the first six games of the season, ToddFather was simply scorching opposing pitching. Since then, not so much…

First 6 games: .480/.519/.920, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 2 BB, 4 SO
Since (28 games/25 starts): .174/.271/.315, 3 HR, 15 RBI, 11 BB, 29 SO

Have pitchers figured out Frazier? Maybe not the first week of the season, but since then it’s easy to see something has not gone Frazier’s way.

2. Left Field and Ryan Ludwick

This is an area that has been widely cussed and discussed. With Ludwick having a tentative return of July, that would honestly be too late to wait on the guys that currently “share” the position to produce something offensively. In addition, there is zero guarantee Ludwick would perform at the rate he did last season once he does return.

Sure, it’s possible he could.

3. Trade Rumblings Running Amok?

Sure, many of us would love to have the likes of a Giancarlo Stanton or a Chase Headley on the Reds roster, but there are issues that would prevent the Reds making a trade for either. And believe it or not, it’s entirely based on dollars and cents. although it does play a role. To get that type of talent, you have to give up talent. You simply can’t acquire top-notch talent for a used rosin bag and a broken bat.

Were you one that threw your hands into the air after the Mat Latos trade was announced? “Look at what we gave the Padres in that deal,” you say. It would honestly take that type of deal to land Stanton or Headley, maybe more, and highly, highly doubtful either would come to fruition. Both are cornerstones of their respective franchises. Those guys usually don’t come cheap.

And in any player we think of, we must also ask ourselves if his team would be willing to depart with said player. Just something else to consider when name dropping.

4. What Kind of Team are the Reds?

Paul Daugherty touched upon this in his TML.

I’m just looking for a little passion. Not a lot. I mean, this is baseball. Marathon, not a sprint, and all that. But are we seeing anyone who looks to have any fire? An e-mailer to me after 2-7 yesterday described The Club as “listless.” He’d been to the game and was disappointed at what he perceived as a lack of passion.

The first line says much. I doubt Doc is talking about the exuberance displayed after Choo’s walk-off or in times other than those that are uplifting (see Frazier and Teddy as a prime example).

Think about it. Even this season I have witnessed Brandon Phillips, yes, Brandon Phillips, looking downtrodden at a certain turn of events. Seriously, if BP isn’t talking or smiling, something’s up. At least I believe that’s the case.

I know you can’t be upbeat through all 162 games (another point Doc makes and would require an enormous amount of energy), but I’m not seeing as much as last season. One reader of BRM made an assertion that the 2013 Reds are looking a little like the 2011 Reds.

Is that a correct assessment? I’m begrudgingly ever so slightly heading over to that side of the discussion. Should I? Are you?

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  • JD Rentz

    There are similarities historically if the Reds in 2013 are held to a standard preceded by the 1970 and 1972 Reds relative to the 2010 and 2012 Reds.

    1970 – 102-60 Lost in World Series (4-1)
    1971 – Finished a dismal 79-83 – 4th in the NL West
    1972 – 95-59 Lost in World Series (4-3 – tough series)
    1973 – 99-63 won division but lost the NLCS (3-2, best of five)

    Fast forward …

    2010 – 91-71 Lost convincingly in the NLDS (3-0)
    2011 – 79-83 (dismal 3rd in the Central, eerily like 1971)
    2012 – 97-65 Lost NLDS 3-2 (we all know how)
    2013 – TBD (currently 19-16, .543)

    What does this mean in an *absolute* sense? Honestly, nothing really … but I don’t think the team regressed to 2011 at all. If nothing else, more of a fire to win again AND being harder on themselves because they WERE there last year. They got closer. It’s all about progression.

    • http://blogredmachine.com/ Steve O’Red

      Not saying they have regressed as much as this year as in 2011, but something is starting to feel eerily similar to of 2011.

      You know I’m generally of the optimistic view, so having even written that is a little scary.

      • Cliff@RedsToTheBone

        Welcome to the dark side. Lol
        I have to agree with metalhead about LF. Paul was there last year and he is a decent hitter. He should be playing, end of story.

        I have to admit I was one who was crying that we gave up too much to get Latos. I can easily eat my words, he has lived up to the hype. :eating words:

        • http://blogredmachine.com/ Steve O’Red

          Not quite Vader-like yet…

  • EHL

    !. Frazier can and will have to make adjustments at the plate. He’s been pitched outside for so long he’s leaning out over the plate. The Braves pounded him inside and he was in knots. He should see more time in left field and a much needed RH batting infielder to play third as well as other positions should be found immediately to prevent yesterdays Mike Leake debacle.

    2. Ludwig will not be the same after this injury. (See Scott Rolen). Move on and plan accordingly because the worst case scenario has presented itself and maybe at best Ludwig will be useful next year.

    3. Trade for the best RH bat available at a reasonable price. See above. A David DeJesus, Reed Johnson or similar has to be available from a lower tier team for someone from the Red’s 40 man but not the 25 man roster that another team would find useful.

    4. This team’s attitude, passion and demeanor is in my opinion is a result of one thing. I truly wonder if this team feels like they are playing with one hand tied behind their back with a manager that is inept. He may be an excellent personality manager but his lineup and in game decisions are just indefensible especially last postseason. Baker has no idea when a starting pitcher needs to be relieved. As with The loss to the Braves yesterday is a perfect illustration. Leake should have never gone out for the 8th inning and it cost hem the game. They team may say all of the right things in public as if they are behind the manager but, It is my opinion that this team is just perplexed and tired of the lack of intelligent leadership. This team will appear lackluster and passionless until a change is made.

    • http://blogredmachine.com/ Steve O’Red

      Who is this Ludwig you speak of?

      • EHL

        Good point, my bad, written with distractions which led to other spelling errors but you get the point.

        • http://blogredmachine.com/ Steve O’Red

          I do. Gotta say that it’s nice to have a fresh voice here.

          So if you run Dusty out, who’s your pick?

  • http://blogredmachine.com/ Steve O’Red

    Think about this…