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Happy Birthday, Blog Red Machine!

Four years ago today, the bustling Reds blog you see before you took its first step.

FanSided, the brainchild of Adam and Zach Best, was just getting off the ground. With Arrowhead Addict anchoring the network since 2007, the brothers looked to expand their coverage to every sport and every team. Two years after the mothership launched, they commissioned Tim Grimes to take the lead on a new Cincinnati Reds blog. With his first post, BRM began an experiment with no foreseeable end but, more importantly, no idea how far it would take us.

For eighteen months, Grimes labored alone as he posted over three hundred articles. Since then, handfuls of talented writers contributed to the site over four years, culminating with today’s spectacular crew: Steve Engbloom (July 2010), Tyler Grote (December 2011), John Rentz (April 2012), Jordan Barhorst and I (November), Cliff Eastham (December), Josh Bresser (January), Cam Miller (February), and Scott Kelly (March). Today’s team has combined to write over 1200 articles and invest an infinite amount of time in the blog.

Since I joined the BRM team in November, we’ve published over four hundred articles at a rate of nearly two posts per day. Tens of thousands of people have made this site part of their Internet routine; hundreds upon hundreds follow us on social media; and bit by bit, Blog Red Machine has earned the respect of the Reds’ community. In 2012, USA Today named BRM as the top Cincinnati fan blog, and we haven’t looked back since.

On behalf of Steve and the rest of the gang, thank you for your time and trust as we celebrate four years.

Here’s to the next four!

Footnote: In early April, I took a position with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos in operating their official blog. My role with Blog Red Machine will be transitioning from the full-time staff writer post to a contributing role. I’ll be chiming in with monthly updates, but you can keep up with my daily work at Hook, Line, and Sinker.

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