Apr 9, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals pinch hitter Matt Adams (53) celebrates with second baseman Daniel Descalso (33) after hitting a two run home run off of Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo (not pictured) during the sixth inning at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What a Difference a Day Makes: Reds Go From Lions to Lambs

What a difference a day makes. On Monday the Reds scored nine runs on five hits and a bunch of walks and errors in the ninth inning. On Tuesday they score one run on five hits and go to the dugout shaking their heads 14 times, 10 by starter Lance Lynn in the first five innings.

Five Reds’ batters were fanned twice each. Lynn made it look so easy that it did not even resemble the team that thumped the Redbirds 13-4 the night before.

It is a long season and I totally get that. Players hit and don’t hit, I get that as well. Strategies are something of a different nature however.

Anybody who has witnessed Bronson Arroyo on the mound for as long as Dusty Baker has, knows when he loses it, it happens quickly. He was pitching a perfect game through five innings last night then the Dutch boy pulled his finger out and the flood waters began.

Arroyo gave up four runs on five hits and the Cards could still be batting if not for a rope thrown by center-fielder Shin-Soo Choo nailing Matt Holliday at the plate to extinguish the blaze.

Okay smart guy, what is your answer?  After Arroyo gave up the double to Daniel Descalso and the long home run by Matt Adams, with a fielder’s choice sandwiched between them, I would have sent him to the showers. Perfect game gone, no-hitter gone, shutout gone, what was left to shoot for?  I could cite you an endless array of instances where Arroyo went from bad to worse.

Another strategic move I would second guess is the starting of Derrick Robinson in left field. Chris Heisey isn’t hitting and I see that. Okay if you wish to platoon him, what is wrong with Xavier Paul being your left handed man? He earned his stripes last season, did he not? I can see using Robinson as a pinch hitter, pinch runner, defensive replacement or whatever. But starting when nobody is hurt, no thank you.

I know many people do not like to read about anything less than positive about the Reds, or Baker for that matter. There is nothing heretical about some objective criticisms. I will praise them when praise is due, I will mean mouth them when I feel the need.  I have second-guessed Baker throughout his stay in the Queen City. Why would he pitch J.J. Hoover over and over and over again? Big strong arms out there, let us use them.

If he really likes Robinson, he being a switch-hitter should be starting all the games since Heisey has shown once again, he is a bench player. I still believe Paul should be platooned with Heisey.

As a side note I believe the Cardinals would do anything to gain an advantage. Last night the Reds communication line between the dugout and the bullpen was having a wardrobe malfunction courtesy of Busch Stadium. Brings to remembrance the storm warning Tony LaRussa kept to himself a couple years ago.

It will be a long hot season, there will, unfortunately be much more to complain about as we go along. God bless us everyone.

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  • jeff yaws

    i couldnt have said that better myself. arroyo is basically a 5 maybe 6 inning pitcher,..third time through the lineup is usually when hitters start timing his 65-79 mph offspeed stuff he throws most the time,..its not a puzzle

    and idc what anyone says,..the cardinals are the dirtiest team on the planet other then the patriots,..with their timely phone malfunctions,..

    do whatever it takes retardinals cuz come october you and your shitty bullpen will be nowhere to be found

    • Cliff@RedsToTheBone

      With the pen we have if you can get 5, take it. I realize you cant pull a man in the middle of a perfect game, but the HR should have been the 911 call. Thanks for commenting.

  • metalhead65

    so much for giving Heisey the chance to play everyday and prove himself. 5 games and that’s enough? I know he is starting slow but stubss got to play everyday striking out 200 times a year. gomes lewis patterson and taveras all got to play everyday no matter how horrible they looked but he starts off the year slow and he gets 5 games? and do not forget ludwick did not start hitting until mid June last year before he came around. but if you are going to bench him then play Paul! maybe robinson is dating his daughter? meanwhile hannigan is batting .040 and is catching every game because he is the veteran guy and knows how to handle the staff. mesoraco is going to learn how to do that sitting on the bench? as for arroyo every once and a great while he will give you a 6-7 inning gem but is a 5-6 inning guy max. it seems everybody but dusty can see that. why this man refuses to have anybody warming up after 5 no matter how he is pitching is amazing.sitting at home listening on the radio or watching it on TV you can see it coming but he still waits until they pound him and get as many runs as possible before taking him out. sure you do not want to over work the pen but aside from hoover has any of them pitched more than 1 inning this year? use them!

    • Cliff@RedsToTheBone

      I am not sold on the idea of jerking Heisey, I was talking about Dusty. I just say if you are going to try somebody else at least give it to a guy who has paid a couple of dues. Thanks my friend.

  • bluenotebacker

    I think it’s hilarious when fans blame the opposing team for their team’s shortcomings. Cards-Reds is a good rivalry, should be a fun season.

    • Cliff@RedsToTheBone

      Who is blaming another team?

      • bluenotebacker

        Just voicing an opinion ;) Looking forward to more Cards-Reds battles

        • Cliff@RedsToTheBone

          Your opinions are always welcome. Thanks

    • beeker

      I think it’s hilarious when Card fans leave tangential comments insinuating a childish premise that was never even considered, let alone made. But I agree that it will be a fun season.

      • Cliff@RedsToTheBone

        That it will be my friend.