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Getting Ready for Opening Day? We Are!

So the 2013 season is off and running. I know many baseball fans, especially those that are Reds fans, do not view the season as being underway until the first pitch at the Reds home opener.

Opening Day is a day that completely transforms the city of Cincinnati. I imagine many a person will brave the potentially icky weather will view the Findlay Market Parade. Then proceed to hit up the number of eateries at The Banks. Take a look at the renovated Reds Team Shop. Even take a walk through the Reds Hall of Fame to view their new exhibits as a means to “prepare” for Opening Day 2013.

The anticipation of a new baseball season may have never taken as large a build-up as it has for the 2013 season. Maybe in 1977 after the Reds had back-to-back World Series wins under their belts, maybe even a little in 2011 after winning the NL Central in 2010, but I cannot remember this much anticipation and expectation in the Queen City. Could be that I’m getting older, but I digress on that fact.

I’ve been to Opening Day and it is an event all Reds fans should have the fortune to experience. Sure, some go for the fact that it is merely Opening Day, but the atmosphere is different. Different from a “regular” game, different from a playoff game.

But the bottom line is this: we expect our Redlegs to win the NL Central this year. We expect the Good Guys to win the NL. We expect another World Series championship in Cincinnati.

To wrap this all up for you, here’s something from our own Cam Miller. Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but you MUST!!! Even if you have before, I’m sure you’ll want to watch it again.

Happy Opening Day! GO REDS!!!

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