Oct 14, 2011; St. Louis, MO, USA; Betancourt commits a fielding error in the sixth inning of game five of the 2011 NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. (Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

What's Up in the NL Central: 3/27/13

In today’s whirlwind tour around the NLC, you might define three of the four stories as either “Really?” or “Seriously?”. Once you get to those, you’ll understand. Neither of those labels would apply to the first story.

Or does it?

Chicago Cubs

I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a game at Wrigley Field. Unless something gives in the Windy City, I might have to cross that off my bucket list without actually attending a game there…and that would suck.

Back to the issue of Wrigley Field…

As most of you know, there are seats available for Cubs games that are not situated within Wrigley Field. The surrounding rooftops have provided “extra seating” for some years now. This “world” is affectionately known as “Wrigleyville” and even has its own association.

Now, those in the Wrigleyville Rooftop Owners Association are speaking out regarding the matter of some of the proposals for the Friendly Confines. Cubbies Crib continues its coverage of this “saga” including a press release from the association.

Hint: They are not happy.

Milwaukee Brewers

You know the saying: If first you don’t succeed, try, try again. The Brewers are once again trying with Yuniesky Betancourt and this is causing almost as much stir as the signing of Kyle Lohse.

Don’t believe me? As Colin Bennett of Reviewing the Brew says, “we always have hope”.

In addition, Betancourt has never posted a season with an OPS+ over 95 and his career DRS is a whopping -70!

Again, Colin, you always have hope…

Pittsburgh Pirates

Tell me if you saw this coming. Brandon Inge will be a member of the 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates. Better yet, did you even know Inge was in Pirates camp? Better question: Are Pirates fans happy about this decision?

Not hardly and Rum Bunter details more than a few reasons why this is the case.

St. Louis Cardinals

The list of Cardinal players beginning the season on the disabled list grew by one yesterday. David Freese is the latest and the circumstances surrounding Freese’s placement on the DL are, shall we say, bizarre. Check out Redbird Rants for the details on Fresse’s injury and what the Redbirds are doing in order to fill this void.


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