The Pros (no pros) and Cons of the Houston Astros Switching Leagues for the Reds

What will be the affect that the exodus of the Houston Astros to the American League be on the Cincinnati Reds in 2013? The Reds, as well as all teams in the National League, with the exception of the New York Mets, had their way against the Astros.

The reds were 10-5 against the cellar-dwellers and the rest of the National League was 88-45. So to say they will not be missed is an unsubstantiated statement.

Jay Bruce and Joey Votto will miss them particularly more than the other Reds for the way they performed against Houston in 2012. Bruce had 7 HR, 21 percent of his total output, along with 19 RBI and a wildly elevated batting average of .362, with 12 percent of his total hits coming against the Astros.

Votto didn’t light them up power-wise as did Bruce, but he put up beer softball league numbers with his slash line, .481/.595/.852 against them. Wonder who will miss whom most, Astros pitchers or Bruce and Votto?

Right from jump street the Reds will have to look elsewhere for the 10 missing wins. The Reds did whip up on NLC opponents with strong conviction. Their record against the total NLC was 49-30 for a winning percentage of .620. Extracting the Astros from the remainder of the division and the Reds were 39-25 with a .609 percentage. Not a vast difference, yes?

I am certain that most Reds fans will not remember with great philia, the smackdowns that one Roy Oswalt put on the Reds over his career with Houston. In fact his career mark against the Reds is still the best at 23-3 with a 2.81 ERA. Nor will they look back smiling at the pounding they took at the hands of Lance Berkman. His career numbers against the boys from the Queen City are nothing short of spectacular. He has hit 52 HR, knocked in 144, and owns a slash line of .314/.431/.656.

Before anyone misunderstands me, I know that neither Oswalt nor Berkman are currently with the Astros. I was merely taking a nostalgic glance at them overall. It has been pretty fun playing them lately without the two players listed above. So, whether you are an Astros fan or not, we from Cincinnati are not glad to see them go.

Why couldn’t it have been the Brewers? I mean they are originally from the American League. Just sayin’.

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