Feb 16, 2013; Goodyear, AZ, USA; Votto poses for a photo during photo day at the Reds Spring Training Facility. (Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

Reds Fans Push for Votto as Face of MLB

So this Joey Votto fella seems to have a big following on Twitter…and he doesn’t even have a Twitter account.

If you’ve been on Twitter over the past couple of weeks, you are well aware of the contest MLB Network is having in order to find the Face of MLB. The finals are here and Votto is squaring off against the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp. In order to cast a vote for the Reds first baseman, you simply add #JoeyVotto to your tweets or you re-tweet a tweet that has that hashtag.

Today makes Day 2 of the battle and Votto is more than holding his own as Reds fans have propelled him to a lead of around 65%-35%. The lead has fluctuated, but this seems to be the norm thus far. Yes, Reds fans know the power of Twitter.

And Votto has had a little help along the way. Not only have the Reds tweeted pics of players (current and former) encouraging their followers to tweet for Votto, (even a pic of Marty? Yep!)..

…but there have been a couple of others that have added a little punch to Joey’s candidacy: namely Darius Rucker and Cincy’s own Nick Lachey.

Rucker has even re-tweeted a few himself!

(FYI…clicking “retweet” on all of the tweets included in this post and they count as votes for Votto!)

The way I see this, if each of Darius Rucker’s and Nick Lachey’s followers re-tweet these again, that’s (get this) over 500,000 votes for Votto!

Think that would be enough?

Voting ends at 6:30 AM ET on Friday and look for Cat Latos to fire off one of these…

Better do what Cat says or someone gets cut…

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