What a Beautiful Day for Baseball, #JoeyVotto

Today is a day most baseball fans cannot wait to appear while stuck in the dreariness of winter: the start of (almost) real baseball games.  Sure, they’re Spring Training games, which don’t really count. However, we get to see real play on real fields involving the guys we haven’t seen take the fields since last October.  We get to see new faces in new places make their pseudo-official debuts.  Hope springs eternal, even for the worst of the clubs that make their debuts today.

Joey Votto (Credit: USA Today Sports)

For those of us with expectations (i.e. Reds fans), our excitement has probably only been heightened (at least for those of us on Twitter) with the MLB Network promotion that has seen our own Joey Votto propelled into the Final Four of the competition as of Wednesday this week.  Today (Friday) is seeing voting for Votto against NL Central rival Andrew McCutchen, hence the reference in my title for the hashtag battle to ensue using #JoeyVotto in every tweet imaginable.

I’m not the first to make reference to the Twitter hashtag battling, and I probably won’t be the last.  Sure, it’s shameless marketing to help viewership of a somewhat fledgling network, engaging a large swath of rabid fans to hopefully engage even more on the sidelines.  My non-baseball followers are probably all the more confused as long as they can bear with it, and I appreciate them all the more that they do.

If you’re on Twitter, do your small (or possibly large, if you’re among the most passionate ones) to tweet #JoeyVotto (just once per tweet) in your tweets for today through the weekend.  We love to show our Reds love, even as crazy as it may make all of us look.

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