Spring Training at Goodyear (AZ) Ballpark. (Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

Spring Training Nears, Hopes Renew

For those of us with interests in multiple sports not to mention other things in life to distract, baseball is not the singular focus of life.  However, it has never become more obvious in the age of Twitter how much people miss something when it’s gone.  The ending of the Reds’ baseball season in 2012 only adds some fuel to that fire.

I have some people with whom I have become closer through the bond I share as a Cincinnati Reds fan.  It truly is a glorious thing to share that love.  Baseball season brings us together.  We become more excited with the friendship, and the offseason cannot help but drag when we don’t see each other.  It is so much more pronounced for me personally this year than previous ones because I bonded with so many different people AT the ballpark than in the past in the 2012 season.  Friendships were formed as a direct result of social media.

Spring Training will see the first game on February 22nd between the Reds and Indians at Goodyear, AZ.  Pitchers and catchers will be reporting in less than two weeks, between February 11th and 14th.  The winter feels shorter already considering the calendar is turning the page after midnight tonight.


I normally try to stay Reds topical, but the thought of a number of decent major-league talented players on the free agent market who are still unsigned so close to Spring Training seems fairly compelling.  I really don’t know that the Reds would go after any of them at this point (including those who were here, like Scott Rolen or Miguel Cairo).  The list still has interesting names nonetheless.

How has Michael Bourn made it this far without a contract?  I’m sure the asking price of his agent (Scott Boras) is causing the unnecessary delay and he will eventually sign somewhere, but I still wouldn’t have guessed this long.

Shame to see a general talent like Aubrey Huff, who had a disastrous bout of panic attacks in SF in 2012, be relegated to the sidelines … but there he sits.  Multiple former “closer types” are out there with no homes: Jason Isringhausen, Bobby Jenks, Francisco Cordero, Kevin Gregg, et. al.

Casey Kotchman is unsigned, too?  Surprising.  Kyle Lohse is unsigned. Ditto.  Probably still something coming for a number of these guys; otherwise, all they will rely upon is an invite to a major-league camp with the hope of proving something.


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