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2. Baseball Heroes (by Syntasia)

An anime-styled game (possibly its biggest draw to some) where you can effect a game’s final outcome. According to FB, Baseball Heroes was Facebook’s 12th highest rated game for 2012.

Game play:

– Friends will play a key role in Baseball Heroes. I say “key” because you will need plenty of these in unlocking mystery boxes you earn while playing. These boxes can provide energy (needed to play games), coins or equipment which you can use to improve your player.
– Another reason your FB friends are important is that they can become actual members of your team and improve your team in doing so.
– As you might expect, there are tasks to complete. Some will require your friends help, others are greatly determined by your production at the plate.
– You begin the game in the lowest levels of baseball: rookie ball. You can proceed through all the levels in two ways. You can either play out every season or receive “letters” from your friends. The higher the level, the more letters required.
– Each season, you will spin a wheel to set a couple of goals for your player. You recieve coins for achieving these goals.
– Workouts are also a part of this game. Again, you need your friends to help you “open” the workouts.
– You can improve your player by “leveling up”. You receive skill points (and you also earn skill points by accomplishing certain tasks) in three areas: contact, power and luck. The equipment you are awarded or purchase can enhance your player in at least one of these three areas.
– The main reason the game is called Baseball Heroes is that you can purchase cards (not of real baseball players) which have certain qualities that can make your team better. You can also trade and enhance these heroes. Sometimes, trading cards will land you a better card. Sometimes, it won’t. Same goes for enhancing your cards. It doesn’t always work.
– You will be “assigned” a team or teams which become your rival. Bigger bonuses can be achieved in winning games against your rivals.

One drawback might be that even though you control your player while in the batter’s box, you don’t while your team is in the field. The anime styling might not be your kind of thing either, but I thoroughly enjoy this aspect game. There is no doubt that Baseball Heroes is the most visually stunning baseball game on Facebook.

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