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1. MLB Ballpark Empire (by MLB Advanced Media)

You may have seen ads for this on’s home page. The main draw (for me anyway) was the chance to build a replica of Great American Ball Park, stacks and all! You are the owner and play a bit of the role as a GM, too. Think of yourself as a combination of Bob Castellini and Walt Jocketty.

Game play:

– You are required to perform a variety of tasks (what social game these days doesn’t require such?), and upon completion, you are awarded coins and other “prizes” which will aid you in making your own GABP.
– When constructing your stadium, you will also be required to build concessions in order to make cash. Be mindful to keep those concessions stocked!
– Cash earned will go to funding your team (signing players), your staff (hiring a manager, GM, etc.), building improvements to your stadium, and building up the your stadium’s surrounding area.
– You will “play games” against opposing teams, but you have zero effect on the outcome. It’s all done by the AI. This may be a drawback for some, but there is one (or more) activity you must perform while a game is active: send vendors into the stands to attend to the crowd. Bonus coins!
– You control the cost of tickets. Well, not full control. You are provided a range of prices and that price will determine the attendance.
– You can eventually sign Reds players such as Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Mike Leake and Jay Bruce to your team. There are other MLB players that can be signed as well.
– With every FB game I have ever played, there is a certain advantage given to those willing to drop a few bucks on the game itself whether through Facebook credits or other means. MLB Ballpark Empire is no different. Some players require MLBucks (and not cash) to sign. You can earn these through game play itself or, as previously stated, you can purchase some. When using the MLBucks to sign a player, he’s yours forever, or until you decide to drop him in favor of another. MLBucks have other uses throughout the game, too.
– If a player’s contract has expired, you will be notified by the game, Then , you wil have to make a decision whether to re-sign that player or bring in another.

I don’t believe there is anything too difficult to grasp in MLB Ballpark Empire as the tasks set you up to advance within the game.  Building your own GABP will take some time, coins and blueprints (which can be earned and even made at some point in the game). I’m almost there…

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