Reds Video Vault: A Waylay, A Win, A Walk-off

I have a certain order about the beginning of my day. I check my personal email and that of BRM’s account. I then checkout Facebook before my attention turns to Twitter. You might ask why, of these options, is Twitter is the last? Many reasons, but one is you can only derive so much from 140 characters. Well, today was a little different.

The BRM timeline was chock full of news that…the NHL lockout was over?

Hmm. Ten years, huh? We’ll be going through this in another decade provided there are other powers at the helm, but I digress. Pitchers and catchers report in a little over a month anyways. That’s when business will pick up…

I noticed something else, with many thanks to a BRM Twitter follower (@KyRedsGal) and a tweep she follows. This truly brought a smile to my face…and these days, that’s hard to do.

Before you watch, I thought I would define “waylay”: v. to ambush. Now, witness all that is Norm Charlton.

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. I watched it about a dozen times…and I was at that game! The only time Riverfront was ever louder (well, when I was in attendance) was when the 1990 Reds won Game 6 of the NLCS.

See what I mean? That is still my greatest moment as far as attending a Reds game. #2 would be receiving the royal treatment from the Reds this past season.

And I know how this guy felt when watching Jay Bruce put that ball into the Cincy air…

What still gets me is the split second the ball leaves his bat, Bruce thrusts his fist into the night. Okay, I didn’t witness a walk-off in that game in 1990, but I did witness this…

Took over an hour to get out of the stadium with all the bedlam. No couch fires either.

With the Bengals dropping their game in Houston, some Cincy fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration. “Cincinnati is jinxed as a sports town”, some stated. I get it. Not everyone has seen the Reds win a World Series (as I have been privy to three) or the Bengals get to a Super Bowl (watched both of those). Twenty-plus years is a long time since the city last celebrated its last major league championship.

(From what I can tell, Cincinnati did win a championship in 2010. The Cyclones won the ECHL championship. Just sayin’.)

Better days may be ahead. Here’s part of the Cincy sports landscape future…

3.49? Granted, a pick at first and Billy’s out, but that raw speed.

The future doesn’t look too shabby, does it?

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