Other Memories of 2012

I’m sure everyone has memories from this past season that are Reds related, but did not directly involve a game. I have a trio of events that fit that bill.

These are in no particular order. Well, maybe the first one listed is my personal favorite 2012 Reeds memory, but I’ll let you decide that.

Marty Loses a Bet

Amazing what a ten game winning streak can produce. Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman stated that if the Reds were to win ten games in a row, he would shave his head. Little did he realize that the Reds would accomplish that feat and this bet was one of the forces behind it. Little did we all know what Marty had in store.

After word got out a little more about the bet he lost, Brennaman was interviewed a few times. He upped the ante. If Reds fans could raise $20,000 for the Reds Community Fund, Marty would permit the head-shaving to be conducted on the field of GABP itself. Not only did the Reds win the game, but Marty grabbed the hearts of everyone. It had nothing to do with the fact is was also Marty’s birthday.

The $50,000 raised would later be matched by Reds fan Charlie Sheen. Not a bad way to lose your locks.

Larkin Gets His HOF Call

Some Reds fans made the trek to Cooperstown, New York to see #11 deliver his speech and become one of baseball’ “immortals”. I recalled one event which Larkin provided to me: Game 6 of the 1990 NLCS when the Reds defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates. It still runs vividly through this thick skull of mine.

Click here and enjoy his speech. I know I did. And I will again and again.

Later in the summer, the Reds would officially retire #11.

Driessen Gets his Due

I had no doubt that Sean Casey would be selected as a Reds HOF. Fans have a say and Casey is, has, always will be a fan favorite in Cincinnati. I was ecstatic to see that Dan Driessen, perhaps the most underrated player from the days of the Big Red Machine, would long receive receive his due and get the call to the Reds Hall as well.

Think about this. All but one of the “Great 8″ are enshrined there. The only one not is Pete. That may eventually change, but the omission of Driessen, to me, was a glaring oversight. This was righted and here’s a look at Driessen’s Reds career.

Joe, hate to break this to you, but Driessen was never awarded a Gold Glove. He should have won a few…at least.

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