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Departing for The Winter Meetings

Not literally. Only figuratively. With today being Friday and the Winter Meetings starting on Monday, I don’t look for a lot of action over the weekend.

I don’t look for the Reds to do a lot during the meetings either. To be perfectly frank, I don’t see why the Reds attend the entire time either. I only see the Reds honestly needing two things: the lead-off guy and Ryan Ludwick or someone to man left field. If that guy is already on the Reds roster (Chris Heisey or Xavier Paul), so be it. Would like to see Luddy return, but I do realize the funds may not be available.

If it is reported that Reds GM Walt Jocketty is meeting with a lot of free agents, I will send someone to take his temperature. If Walt meets with any agents, I would think those representing Ludwick and Shane Victorino. Maybe Angel Pagan. I would dare say no more than a handful outside of this trio.

Now, meeting with other GMs, that’s a different story.

This is what we should hear about more than meeting with agents. Many believe the way for the Reds to obtain a lead-off hitter is more likely through a trade, not free agency. Got to meet with other GMs to achieve that. Jocketty did tell John Fay if the meetings do not produce a lead-off hitter through trade, the free agent aspect may open a little more.

The market for Michael Bourn has significantly shrunk. With the Washington Nationals acquiring Denard Span and the Atlanta Braves opting to sign B.J. Upton, the only team that seems to be in the Bourn sweepstakes in Philadelphia. I thought Bourn to Washington would be a given. I never though he would return to Atlanta and Philly just may be waiting at this point to see if any other teams step up.

Many an “expert” had Bourn and the Reds as a fit which never made sense to me due to money (Bourn is represented by Scott Boras and Boras has already stated he’s looking for a nine-figure deal) and Billy Hamilton. Walt has said the Reds can’t afford him. The Cubs are now showing interest. Leave it to Theo. Easy to say Bourn’s heading to Philly now. Why Chicago’s in the picture now is a little hard to believe with Brett Jackson.

Maybe this is how it will all shake out. Could Bourn fall into the Reds lap?

Doubt it…and didn’t mean to drag you along like that, but do you honestly think your Reds can afford another nine-figure contract right now?

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