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Want to be a 'Cave Dweller' in the 2013 MLB Fan Cave? Here's Your Chance!

Imagine it. Being able to watch all 2,430 baseball games. Wouldn’t that be a whale of a way to spend part of a year? Well, your road to such can start if you apply to become a “Cave Dweller” in the MLB Fan Cave for the 2013 season. It’s not all baseball games either.

You will meet former and current players. Reds players that have previously visited are Brandon Phillips, Bronson Arroyo, Aroldis Chapman, Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs.

Who could forget the appearance by Arroyo and Chapman last year…

And what about when BP was looking for a place to visit? Look who he ran into there…

There’s more than just baseball at the Cave. There’s also music, pop culture, technology, media and art. With MLB Advanced Media providing the support, you can stay in touch with over 1.2 million baseball fans through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The location? Greenwich Village in New York City! Here’s a tour…

Pretty neat facilities, huh? Eating, drinking and sleeping baseball. Does it honestly get any better then that? Plus all the other “extras”!

So what’s in store for 2013? Find out a little info in this vid…

Well, you can’t get in on the fun if you don’t apply. Odds are a little better than playing the lottery.

For this past season, over 22,000 individuals applied. Nine were chosen from those applicants. Throughout the season, dwellers provided us insights of their experiences through the use of videos, blogs and various forms of social media. The nine were then pared down to the final three by using a combination of online voting along with a panel of judges. The final trio had a great reward: attending the 2012 World Series. Giants fan Ashley Chavez was crowned as the ultimate winner, or “dweller” if you prefer, for 2012.

So, you think you’re up for it? Want to be the Ultimate Cave Dweller? If so, head to and begin the application process.

Who knows. Maybe a Reds fan will grace the Fan Cave in 2013.

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