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Fresh from the Wire: Broxton Talking Long-Term Deal?

Leave it to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports to provide the inside tip that one Jonathan Broxton is close to signing a multi-year deal to come back to the Cincinnati Reds.  The deal in the works is reportedly for three years with no speculation on any financial specifics.

The implication of such a move is obvious: the goal is still to move Aroldis Chapman into the starting rotation.  I, for one, am wholeheartedly in agreement that the vision for Chapman as a starter is most certainly the right one.  There are vocal advocates and opponents to such a move, claiming a lot around the intimidating presence at the backend of the bullpen with Chapman versus others, and, certainly, there is some validity to it.  The rotation is most definitely strengthened with the move, should it happen.  One may question more whether Broxton is the right guy for the role.  He certainly has some shades of formerly deposed closer Francisco Cordero, with some tendency to blow saves.  However, he did show some very positive ground ball rates (which in GABP is a great tendency for any pitcher).

Much remains to be seen whether this deal does truly become finalized, but, if it does, it most surely signals Aroldis Chapman is headed into the rotation.

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