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Dusty to Return in St. Louis

We can breathe a little easier now. According the’s Mark Sheldon, Reds manager Dusty Baker will re-join the club and be in St. Louis this evening. It is planned that Baker will manage the team for the season’s final three games.

Today marks the 11th straight game Baker has missed to to an irregular heartbeat followed by a mini-stroke. The irregular heartbeat, first thought to possibly be pneumonia, led to Baker being hospitalized. After a couple of days in a Chicago-area hospital, Baker was in the process of being sismissed. That didn’t go according to plan as while in that process, Baker suffered the mini-stroke. Baker would not return to Cincinnati until last Sunday.

To add the slightest more intrigue into this, I saw this today (via Fannation)…

Dusty Baker’s mini-stroke raises the question of whether he will want to continue to manage after this season is over.

This was submitted to Fannation by Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune. It was part of a Rogers Sunday piece on the Tribune’s website.

A couple of things here.

Rogers inserted this mention within his Sunday Whispers piece. (To read the entire piece, you will have to register for the digital edition. It’s free.) It doesn’t go into extreme detail. It’s merely a couple of sentences. Rogers states he got this information from those “close to him [Baker]“.

It’s actually not hard to conceive such a notion even if Rogers didn’t not have these sources of those close to Baker. A World Series win would be the best case scenario for Baker to walk away from the managing biz. Would be easier on his health, no question. As I said the other day, Baker has a ring as a player, but to add one as a skipper would be all the better.

Now, just got to take care of the back end of the business.

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