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There Should Be No Questions Revolving Around Dusty's Return

Prior to yesterday’s announcement, there had been speculation as to why Reds manager Dusty Baker had not yet returned to the dugout. One tweet I read suggested that there was more to this than what we knew. Turns out, that tweet could not have been more correct.

As Baker was in the process of being dismissed from a Chicago-area hospital, Baker was exhibiting slurred speech. The staff immediately began to treat Baker and he was diagnosed with having suffered a mini-stroke. Extra time in the hospital in this case was a good thing. Baker returned to Cincinnati and was seen around GABP on Sunday. He held a meeting with his team yesterday.

There have been various reports stating that Baker could be back donning his #12 for the season’s final series in St. Louis.

Honestly, that’s all bunk to me. There’s no need for any rush. With other aliments, Baker could already be back leading his team, but this is different. Extremely different. We’re talking about one’s heart, the most important muscle in the body. If the heart is not functioning correctly, you won’t function correctly.

Sounds simplistic, I know. We all know someone that has dealt with health issues concerning the heart. A common thread: get rest.

Eventually, Baker should return. As far as when that occurs, only when he’s healthy enough to endure the rigors that attach themselves to his job. Only Dusty and his doctors will know when that time arrives, and he said such in his statement. We needn’t guess at when that will occur.

We know his players wish for his return, but they all know the circumstances. Baker will want to be there in the dugout come playoff time. Can’t say I blame him. He’s owns a ring as a player, and now time has arrived for him to get one as a skipper. His health overrides that.

Until then, we continually hope for Baker’s recovery and good health.

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