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Rose and LaRue: Odd Bedfellows?

If you have perused The Hardball Times, you might be familiar with the works of Chris Jaffe. We’ve linked to a few of his writings in the past. His offering from today holds a fair amount of significance in a few ways.

Ten years ago, there was a dubious distinction attributed to then-Reds catcher Jason LaRue. In the first inning, LaRue would allow three passed balls. Why? Remember Jared Fernandez? He threw a knuckleball. Not only were there the three passed balls, but Fernandez was “awarded” two wild pitches. To get the run down of the entire first inning from that game, head over to The Hardball Times and give this a read.

Kind of ironic the R.A. Dickey and his Mets are in town shortly after this “anniversary”, I guess.

Within that same post are a trio of milestones for Pete Rose. On this days in…

1982: Rose passes Hank Aaron in lifetime plate appearances notching his 12,365th
1983: Rose, at 42, steals two bases in one game, a feat he had pulled off at least once a year since 1979
1986: Rose collects hit #4,256, his final career hit

There are a couple more Reds related anniversaries. Again, give Chris a read. You will feel smarter by doing so.

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