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Despite Loss, Reds Keep Winning

It was thrilling enough that Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman held his end of the bargain and had his head shaved. The challenge was made: $20,000 for the Reds Community Fund and the shaving would take place after Friday night’s game…on the field. It was even more than we thought when we witnessed the buzzing (live or on the set) and many of us discovered The Dragonfly Foundation.

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The Reds and the Reds Community Fund continue their winning because of that 10-game winning streak.

Cincinnati’s newest adopted son and Dayton native Charlie Sheen, who had been in attendance through the weekend, matched the $50,000 raised by the fans for the Reds Community Fund.

(Reds Press Release)

In the press release from the team, Sheen stated his reason for the matching donation.

“If this contribution points one kid in the right direction, then we’ve done our job.”

People knock Sheen due to his own missteps, but has anyone given the thought that because of these, he may know better than anyone what may help steer someone in the right direction?

And what’s this about Charlie running for mayor of Cincinnati? As Sheen was being interviewed by Jim Day, he was asked of how the people of Cincinnati has opened its arms toward him (Sheen). It sparked Sheen into saying he should run for the city’s top office. Whether Sheen is pulling our leg or not and if asked to deliver a game’s first pitch, I have a feeling Rick Vaughn can at least get a pitch to the plate.

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