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Reds Win, 3-0. Focus Turns to One Pitch

It’s unfortunate.

A game that ended with a Reds 3-0 win, a birthday celebration, a buzzing, fireworks, and bringing awareness to a great cause (which you will see later), and all we read and hear about today is a beaning.


Who knows if Aroldis Chapman meant to plunk Andrew McCutchen or not. Let the teams and players figure out what to do and if there will be any form of retaliation (which I’m sure there will be) regardless of Chappy’s intentions. In checking boxscores from previous games this season, there honestly wasn’t a reason for Chapman’s plunking to be of a retaliatory nature.

Self-policing, they say. Let’s hope.

But…the situation would warrant the perfect time for a beaning to be ordered. Two outs, top of the 9th, three run lead, no runners on base. Yes, I’m realize that I’m adding to the conspiracy theory. Why? It does make sense. And, as the unwritten rules of baseball dictate, a plunking will come down today. After that, it should all be over.

If anyone has a lick of common sense, it will be.

And I will repeat something I’ve said on a number of occasions. If you’re one wanting some type of brawl to evolve out of this, you’re watching the wrong sport.

This all out in the open, I discovered why this “plunking” occurred. Well, someone has it all figured out…

Makes more sense than any other thing I’ve read.

On to real life…

An important note here. After HOF broadcaster Marty Brennaman was relieved of his locks, he revealed a shirt that stated “I’m Still Me”. Marty informed us that this shirt was from The Dragonfly Foundation. From TDF’s Facebook page, it states that their mission is “to bring comfort and joy to kids, teens and young adults with cancer and blood diseases. With time of the essence, The Dragonfly Foundation is acting quickly to provide comfort and joy to children living with, and sometimes dying of, cancer.”

I can assure you that if you go to TDF’s Facebook page, you will not be there for a mere second or two.

Sure, Marty does have the tendency to rub people the wrong way: players, fans (Reds and the opposing teams), front office types, but no one can deny where his heart truly is.

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