Marty Brennaman, 20 Grand and TV

I’m sure most Reds fans are aware of the “bet” Reds announcer and Hall of Fame member Marty Brennman had with the team. Marty said that if the Reds won 10 games in a row, he would have his head shaved. We all know the Good Guys pulled off the feat and Marty will lose his poofy locks come Friday.

Well, Marty took the “event” and added to it. Brennaman stated that if fans would contribute $20,000 to the Reds Community Fund (a charity Marty firmly backs), he would have the shaving performed on the field after the Reds-Pirates game and previous to the fireworks this coming Friday evening.

That should be simple enough to do at tonight’s game alone. If each fan in attendance tosses in a buck for the RCF (see below where you can go at the game to donate), we’re there. Of course, the more contributions, the better.

There’s even more.

After last night’s game, Jim Day announced on Reds Live that if the goal of $20,000 were reached and Marty would have to feel and hear the clippers, it would be televised as well…and JD will be the “host” of the event.

Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Here’s how we can all help. There are three ways you can donate.

1. Head to the Reds website: (Be sure to click on “Support the Reds Community Fund”)

2. Donate by phone: call the Reds Community Fund office at (513) 765-7234.

3. At GABP: Drop a cash donation in the giant Reds Piggy Bank located on the Terrace Level behind home plate.

The Reds will also provide a limited number of tickets available for individuals or businesses who donate $500 or more will receive two tickets to Friday’s game and the opportunity to see Marty’s haircut and post-game festivities live from the field.

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