View from our seats on the moondeck. Simply incredible.

Reds Provide First Class Treatment for BRM

It’s not something that I had ever experienced before. It’s one I will also never forget.

There I was on the field at Great American Ball Park for batting practice. Met Drew Stubbs and Todd Frazier. Then, to the Reds Hall of Fame. After that, to a special seating area in right field moondeck…with padded seats, no less. It’s a night baseball fans dream of having. And there we were…

(photo courtesy of Lisa Braun)

Well, last evening, Justin, Tyler and myself from the Blog Red Machine staff had the extreme fortune and pleasure of being guests of the Cincinnati Reds.

Yes, we also met the “famous” (or is it actually infamous?) Reds Assistant Director of Media Relations and Better Off Red’s own Jamie Ramsey…and, as Reds Director of Digital Marketing and Consumer Clubs Lisa Braun tweeted yesterday, we talked about Sinatra (not really, but with Frazier, you never know), toy cars (not really there either, but it sounded good, didn’t it?), Drew’s return to Dayton on his rehab assignment, and how Jamie loves Seattle. Yes, this all transpired while on the field and watching batting practice.

After batting practice was over, we trekked over to the Reds Hall of Fame. If you have never been, it’s truly a must. You could literally spends hours walking through and viewing all the different exhibits. Among my personal faves were, well, actually, all of it. The World Series trophies, the jerseys from the Nasty Boys, the jerseys from the outfield of the Big Red Machine, a scorecard from Tom Browning’s perfect game, and an area commemorating Barry Larkin’s enshrinement into Baseball Hall of Fame. That’s not even close to the beginning either. There is so much more to see. It is worth the price of admission.

As I was in the next to last area with my father (who also attended with us), we chatted about how lucky we have been to have all witnessed all the great players that have donned a Cincinnati Reds uniform. I’ve been going to Reds games since, well, never mind how long that’s been. Let’s just say my first Reds game was when they played the Astros and Jimmy Wynn was playing for Houston. Wynn’s last season was 1977. Take about a handful away from that…

From Pete Rose to Eric Davis to Barry Larkin to Joey Votto, and all in between and before, Reds fans have certainly been blessed.

Upon leaving the Reds Hall of Fame, off to our seats. Simply an amazing view as the image to your left shows. And if you haven’t had seats out there on the moondeck, you have to experience it at least once. Whenever a Reds pitcher whiffs an opposing hitter and you see the smokestacks shoot fire skyward, you can feel the heat.

I would personally like to thank Lisa, Jamie, Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher, Drew Stubbs, Todd Frazier and the entire Reds organization for making Blog Red Machine’s visit to GABP one to always remember.

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