Marshall and Hanigan celebrate after the Reds sweep the Mets in a three-game series at Citi Field. Reds won 3-1. (Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE)

Reds Pull Off Sweep Despite...

Usually the end of that sentence is filled with the two words “Dusty Baker”. Even more if the Reds put something in the positive column. Yesterday was the definitive description of that.

As soon as the starting lineups were released, you probably thought the same as those that publicly voiced their complete and total disapproval of the starting nine. Well, that’s become practically a daily exercise within the Twitterverse. So the question was posed. Who in their right mind could win with a starting lineup like this…?

Cozart – 6
Valdez – 8
Votto – 3
Phillips – 4
Bruce – 9
Cairo – 5
Harris – 7
Hanigan – 2
Cueto – 1

In a one-word response: Cincinnati.

We know of the deal with Wilson Valdez and center field. That will most likely be halted tonight (not due to inferior play, mind you) as Chris Heisey, who was a pinch-hitter in the top of the 8th, a pleasant sight. Heisey also looked good in attempting to run out his ground ball to Daniel Murphy. Any groin strain is apparently gone.

So back to this lineup. No Todd Frazier. No Ryan Ludwick. And, no big deal…this time. And it’s a good thing, too, as Cairo and Harris were a combined 0-for-7. I’ll look at it as “glass half full”. At least the Reds looked like they had a good bench for this game. Three guys, including Heisey, who with one swing can change the outcome of a game. Better than what we’ve seen for the most part this season.

That bench (the real bench, that is) will at least get a little better once Drew Stubbs returns from the DL. Speaking of returns, Scott Rolen is set to do that today. All should be interesting. Maybe that was the real reason Willie Harris got a start yesterday…a departing gift of sorts?

Back to the game. The only run the Mets scored was due to… Johnny Cueto walking his counterpart, Chris Young…with the bases loaded. With that lineup behind him, it’s a good thing that’s all the run support Cueto would need. Cueto would pick up his 8th win of the season and appears to be a lock for the NL All-Star team.

And who would have thought a save situation for Sean Marshall. A four-out save at that for his 9th of the season. Had a feeling Aroldis Chapman wouldn’t get in this game. Saving him for the Indians.

And tonight could be an interesting game…

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