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This Chapman Guy is Pretty Good as a Closer

As much chatter as there has been concerning Aroldis Chapman and the Reds closer’s role, one can take this to the bank. He’s pretty good in that role. In fact, I think the proper word is dominating. He’s done that all season long. Tonight’s game as merely another example of how Chapman has taken his new role…and ran with it.

We may witnessing something of historic proportions with Chapman…but I’ll guess you already have that thought in your head. In 27 innings, the Cuban Missile now owns 47 strikeouts, a 15.67 SO/9. Three full games. And those 47 strikeouts has occurred while facing 99 batters.

With all the recent “distractions” that have taken place in his life, I’m guessing he had a little frustration to get out of system. After having four days off, Chapman entered the game with a vengeance. The Astros were the recipients of his venting and rest.

As they say…good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. Straight gas to all three hitters. No sliders. No changeups. It all seemed so unfair.

The Reds 4-1 win coupled with the Cardinals falling victim to Johan Santana’s no-hitter (first in Mets history), the Good Guys pull 2.5 games clear of St. Louis.

Joke all you want about having hitters tied up and throwing a ball faster than he drives, but one thing is abundantly clear. Aroldis Chapman is no joke.

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