Frazier beats the tag from Pirates second baseman Neil Walker for an RBI double against the Pittsburgh Pirates during a Reds 8-1 win at PNC Park. (Vincent Pugliese-US PRESSWIRE)

Reds Taking the Good with the Bad

I know most of us have heard that we must take the good with the bad. Regarding the Cincinnati Reds, that theory is under a supreme test right now.

Yesterday, we heard that Reds third baseman Todd Frazier was in the right place at the right time. On Monday evening while he and teammate Ryan Ludwick were having dinner at a local restaurant in Pittsburgh, a man seated nearby started choking. The two ladies with the man were unable to dislodge whatever was impeding his tract. They were attempting to use the Heimlich Maneuver.

Enter Frazier. Two attempts and all is well. In appreciation, the man paid for their dinner.

That’s the good. Now, the bad.

Last evening, the hotel room of Aroldis Chapman was burglarized. Many items were taken including a computer, credit and ID cards, and there was something else that was affected by this…a female as also in the room. The burglar, posing as a maintenance man, had tied up the young lady using cloth napkins.

This is the latest episode in the Adventures of Aroldis. The lawsuit, the speeding episode, now this. And as you well know, Twitter went ga-ga over this for more than one reason. Not just that Chapman’s room was burgled, but there was this lady friend that had been bound. I’ll leave that alone now. I did see this on Twitter though.

Seeing as Cincinnati is baseball’s smallest market, Reds fans wish the team would get a little more exposure and attention from the national mediatypes. For the most part, the only time that occurs is when the Reds are playing good baseball. Of those other times, it will be when those current issues, or similar, involving Chapman, or another player, are noted.

Can’t forget the contract “issues” either.

The Frazier story bucks the trend. It is an excellent example of an occasion where it doesn’t, shouldn’t, or couldn’t matter how the Reds are playing.

You want national attention? Be careful what you ask for because you got to take the good and the bad.

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