Cincinnati Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco (39) is still trying to catch a break. Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Can Devin Mesoraco Lead the Cincinnati Reds to Victory?

The Cincinnati Reds and Devin Mesoraco have a problem.  The Reds have a rookie catcher who needs playing time to build the experience necessary for him to become a seasoned professional.  The Reds also need to win now in order to make the financial transactions they have entered into with a number of high profile players viable.  Devin Mesoracois a talented player who needs success with his game calling, he needs success at the plate, and he needs to feel he is a productive member of this team.

As a hockey fan, one of my favorite stats is the win percentage of each goalie.  It is a direct reflection of their contribution to the game.  In baseball, catchers have a similar effect on the game.  The numbers for Devin Mesoraco paint a stark, devastating picture.  In games, Mesoraco has started the Reds have won just 2 of 13 games.  Steve Engbloom hinted at this disparity in his article yesterday but with Hanigan sporting a 14-4 record it ties Dusty Baker’s hands a bit when he wants to keep both players fresh throughout the season.

There is one potential cure for this ailment that does not involve Mesoraco directly.  Aroldis Chapman needs to be a starter.  Immediately.  He has only worked two innings with Devin this year, but both have been perfect with 4 strikeouts in total.  With Homer Bailey and Mike Leake struggling replacing one of them might breathe life into the end of the rotation.  Mat Latos is improving with each start and Bronson Arroyo and Johnny Cueto have both been solid.  Mesoraco needs to work with a strong pitcher and it seems Arroyo and Cueto work exclusively with Hanigan so a working relationship with a pitcher of Chapman’s caliber might create the fabled win-win situation.

Mesoraco will find success in the Major Leagues; I just hope he discovers it soon.

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