Apr 7, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips (4) attempts to tag out Miami Marlins center fielder Emilio Bonifacio (not pictured) who stole second base during the fourth inning at Great American Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Reds Do What They Said Could Not Be Done

Walt Jocketty and the Cincinnati Reds do what they said couldn’t be done.  With the signed contract extension offered to and accepted by Brandon Phillips they have a baseball team with long term roster stability.  How stable you might ask?  Let’s take a look.

In 2013, barring a trade or other transaction, the following Reds will be back either under contract or under control by the Reds organization.

2013 Roster:

  1. Jose Arredondo
  2. Bronson Arroyo
  3. Homer Bailey
  4. Bill Bray
  5. Jay Bruce
  6. Aroldis Chapman
  7. Zack Cozart
  8. Johnny Cueto
  9. Ryan Hanigan
  10. Chris Heisey
  11. Paul Janish
  12. Mat Latos
  13. Sam LeCure
  14. Mike Leake
  15. Sean Marshall
  16. Nick Masset
  17. Devin Mesoraco
  18. Logan Ondrusek
  19. Brandon Phillips
  20. Alfredo Simon
  21. Jordan Smith
  22. Drew Stubbs
  23. Wilson Valdez
  24. Joey Votto

The only players who are not under control on this years roster are Miguel Cairo, Willie Harris, Ryan Ludwick, Ryan Madson, and Scott Rolen.  Team holds an option on both Madson and Ludwick.

2014 Roster

  1. Jose Arredondo
  2. Homer Bailey
  3. Jay Bruce
  4. Aroldis Chapman
  5. Zack Cozart
  6. Johnny Cueto
  7. Ryan Hanigan
  8. Chris Heisey
  9. Paul Janish
  10. Mat Latos
  11. Sam LeCure
  12. Mike Leake
  13. Sean Marshall
  14. Devin Mesoraco
  15. Logan Ondrusek
  16. Brandon Phillips
  17. Alfredo Simon
  18. Jordan Smith
  19. Drew Stubbs
  20. Wilson Valdez
  21. Joey Votto

The Reds lose control of Bronson Arroyo, Bill Bray, Nick Masset all who will be over 30 and probably not worth additional consideration in favor of younger alternatives.

2015 Roster

  1. Jose Arredondo
  2. Jay Bruce
  3. Aroldis Chapman
  4. Zack Cozart
  5. Chris Heisey
  6. Mat Latos
  7. Sam LeCure
  8. Mike Leake
  9. Sean Marshall
  10. Devin Mesoraco
  11. Logan Ondrusek
  12. Brandon Phillips
  13. Alfredo Simon
  14. Jordan Smith
  15. Drew Stubbs
  16. Joey Votto

This is the first serious challenge to the rotation.  Arroyo left the year before but this season sees the end of Cueto’s current contract and Homer Bailey reaches his free agent season.  Ryan Hanigan, Paul Janish, and Wilson Valdez also become free agents.

2016 Roster

  1. Jay Bruce
  2. Aroldis Chapman
  3. Zack Cozart
  4. Chris Heisey
  5. Sam LeCure
  6. Devin Mesoraco
  7. Logan Ondrusek
  8. Brandon Phillips
  9. Jordan Smith
  10. Joey Votto

2016 marks the entrance of Jose Arredondo, Mat Latos, Mike Leake, Sean Marshall, Alfredo Simon and Drew Stubbs to free agency.

After this season the only significant contracts to consider are off course the deals with Jay Bruce ($13M team option in 2017 at age 30), Brandon Phillips (FA in 2018 when he is 37), and Joey Votto ($20M team option in 2024 at age 40).

Now consider the exciting prospects throughout the minor league system and the future is indeed bright.  The hole that will exist after Scott Rolen’s departure is probably the most imminently frightening and the never ending struggle in left field is a concern.  If this team can maintain health for its stars the Reds should be competitive for the foreseeable future.  Five years ago did anyone truly believe that could happen?

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