September 27, 2011; Flushing, NY, USA; Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman (54) pitches during the ninth inning against the New York Mets at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Reds News Mixture of Great and Not So Great

No sooner than the tweet hit my timeline and the plethora of re-tweets emerged, I read possibly the biggest news to hit the Cincinnati sports scene in quite some time. According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Reds are nearing an extension with one Joey Votto. The report also states that the total deal amount has not been defined, but the deal could surpass $200 million.

That’s a safe bet.

That being said, I absolutely loved a “follow-up” from our friends over on Red Reporter…

A harsh joke indeed…

And other Reds fans may now be wondering then about the contract situation surrounding Brandon Phillips.

A few days ago, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported that the hang-ups are assumed to be the length and the money. Phillips is in line to earn $12 million this season and that figure is likely to be a low-end number.

Prior to Rosenthal’s report, Tim Kurkjian of ESPN stated that “Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said “one way or another,” the contract negotiations with second baseman Brandon Phillips are expected to be done by Opening Day.” At the time that was out on the interwebs, neither John Fay nor Mark Sheldon knew (or reported) any such thoughts. Ongoing negotiations, right? Not…so…fast.

With the Votto extension reportedly close, this will be the new buzz surrounding the team. With this news, Rosenthal tweeted the following…

We all know this. The Reds like to be tight-lipped on many issues. No surprise they are in regards to both BP’s and Votto’s contract statuses.

Oh, the not so great news? Aroldis Chapman will begin the season in the bullpen. To that, I say something else that begins with “bull”, but ends with four other letters.

Seriously? This guy has absolutely pitched his tail off this spring. I understand the concerns surrounding Bill Bray (as does Dusty per a Fay tweet), but if any pitcher made a case to be among the starting staff, it is clearly Chapman.

Starter, reliever, starter, and now, back to reliever. Dude’s head has got to be spinning. He also has to be shaking his head over the decision and wondering, “What’s a guy got to do?”


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  • CurtOU

    Bailey will dominate, so will Chapman and it’ll all workout the way it should. Chapman can help the team more this year out of the pen.

  • shrews824

    Did we not just have this conversation about the Chapman thing the other day?  Hate to see it happen, but what’s a fan to do?

  • beeker

    I love the move to keep Votto. It makes a lot of business sense. He is a guy that they can build around for most of a decade, and they should not be tied to him until he is 40 (like the Angels are to Pujols). And if for some reason they find that they cannot support his salary, they can always trade him to a cash-rich team and get something in return for him.
    I always said that the Reds could keep Votto. So to all of the national blow-hard sportswriters who gave the Reds zero chance to keep him, I say… ppttthhhhbbbbbbb.
    The deal likely ends the run of my favorite Red since Joe Morgan at the close of this season. But choosing whether to keep Brandon or Joey is simply a no-brainer.

  • FrankieBrown

     @beeker Sounds like Joey will have a full no-trade clause, so he would have the power to nix any trade he didn’t like.

  • FrankieBrown

    Tremendous news for RedsLand!! Now we have a stable middle of the order in Joey and Jay for at least the next 5 yrs, and I won’t be surprised if Jay gets another extension down the road.  In addition to the extra wins Joey will bring, there is the pure joy of watching such a great player every day to look forward to.  And more wins means better attendence, better gate receipts, equals more money down the road to spend on other key contracts.  And last but not least, hopefully a World Series win or three during the rest of the (now 12 yrs long) Votto window!!

  • jsuer1971

    If a baseball scout fell from the sky having no knowledge of the Cincinnati Reds……………that scout would be astounded to find out that Arroyo and not Chapman is in the Reds starting rotation. 

  • Steven Engbloom

    The current TV deal runs out after 2016. I heard the Reds can re-open negotiations. The crappy $10 million a year they currently receive is the real slap in the face.

  • FrankieBrown

     @Steven Engbloom Yes, 10 mil is way below what other teams get.  As for renegotiating, do you know if the Reds have any leverage there?  E.g., can they tell Fox “renegotiate our contract up before 2016, or we will go elsewhere when the contract is up,” or does Fox have a monopoly on the situation?

  • Steven Engbloom

     @FrankieBrown If the Reds were to attempt to break the current deal, I would imagine one of two things: there is language in the current contract that states there is a window to re-open negotiations or there could be a lot of lawyers involved. I wouldn’t think the club would take the approach of telling FSO they will go elsewhere once the current deal is up only because if there were to be another RSN in the area, then the Reds would hold no leverage. Hence, no bidding war.
    Realistically, they don’t really have any leverage now except maybe creating their own RSN or another competitor emerges from the blue. Time Warner did just that with the Lakers.