Weekly Spring Training Overreaction with Tyler Grote

Welcome back to your weekly source of Spring Training over analysis and overreaction. This week has been rather generous to the doom and gloom fan base because there’s ample opportunity to freak out over what’s been going on in Goodyear.  In case you haven’t heard, here’s what your starting rotation has done so far this spring:

Johnny Cueto: 4 innings 6.75 ERA 7 hits 2 SO

Mat Latos: 5 innings 3.60 ERA 6 hits 3 SO

Mike Leake: 7 innings 7.71 ERA 15 hits 3 SO

Bronson Arroyo: 5 innings 9 ERA 8 hits 1 SO

Homer Bailey: 7.1 innings 11.05 ERA 11 hits 2 SO

That’s your 2012 starting rotation.  But it’s just spring.  Yeah?  Does it matter at all that Adam Wainwright has a 0 ERA after 5 innings of work in fake baseball?

If you could care less about the woes of the rotation, what about the woes of the offense?

The Reds struck out 12 times Wednesday night.  They struck out seven times earlier that day against the Padres too.  According to John Fay, the Reds are 0-3 over the past couple of days and have been outscored 25-10. They’ve been out-hit 43-28 in that span.

For everything that spring training isn’t, for a lot of guys, it’s quite the opposite.  Chris Heisey may be the ultimate benefactor of spring training – only, you wouldn’t know it by checking his line.

.130 BA.  .231 OBP.  Team high 11 strike outs.  Chris Heisey has three hits in 23 ABs.  That’s more ABs than anyone else on the team other than Todd Frazier, who also has 23 ABs.  He’s hitting .304.

Can’t #freeHeisey until #freeHeisey frees himself.

What do you think?

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