May 25, 2011; Wilson Valdez delivers to the plate during the 19th inning against the Cincinnati Reds at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies defeated the Reds 5-4 in 19 innings. (Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE)

Reviewing the Reds Week: Pitchers and Catchers Report and More

Is there finally going to be baseball? Yes!

So…here’s some of the stories the staff of Blog Red Machine brought your way over the past week…

Justin Suer, Staff Writer

Justin provided us a look at his personal (and up close) view of spring training. A couple of things Justin wrote grabbed my attention.

1. The now-departed Dave Sappelt blistered the ball last spring batting .564 with 3 homers.
2. Take a second here. Imagine heading out to one of the outer fields and watching Billy Hamilton run. Need more be said?

Tyler Grote, Staff Writer

Tyler was kind enough to give us a plug on Paul Daugherty’s The Morning Line, and as Daniel Tosh would say, “and for that, we thank you”.

This week, Tyler’s post about the importance of one Bronson Arroyo is for the Reds to attain success for 2012. I like this…

Say what you will about Bronson, but the bulk of his career numbers siginify that last year was, statisitcally, was an aberration. 5.07 is a ridiculously poor ERA. But in 12 seasons of pitching, even including the years spent in the ‘pen, Bronson has only posted an ERA greater than 4.77 three times.

Be hopeful the 75% is found…

Matt Gahris, Staff Writer

Matt brought us a look at new left fielder Ryan Ludwick. I think the title of Matt’s post sums up every Reds fans hope…that Ryan Ludwick can bounce back.

If you go to our home page, look in the upper right hand for “The Hub”. Click on the the last icon and the third link down will provide you with a quote from Ludwick regarding his days in San Diego. (Matt uses that quote in his post as well.) It’s worth the 10 seconds to read the quote…

John Heitz, Senior Staff Writer

Most of you associate John with his stat diving (I think I created a new term), but his analysis on non-stat related material is always worthy of mention. He proves it in his take on the possibilities surrounding the Reds roster.

If I read this correctly (and I believe I am), John and I have a similar feel: the last roster spot could come down to Wilson Valdez (right) and Paul Janish.

As I have previously stated, I hope the pitching isn’t the deciding factor. I hop it’s the other things that determine the outcome. Valdez owns a win…against the Reds no less.

Steve Engbloom, Senior Editor

If you haven’t had the chance, give the podcast a listen. I quickly look at payroll, the new players on the roster and the results from a few polls I conducted about a month ago.

Five guys (not the eatery), five things for you to read today.

Could Saturdays be any better? Well, only when the baseball season starts!


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