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Help BRM Choose The Best Team in Baseball History

Over the next few days I am going to be playing with a new statistic to evaluate the offensive capabilities from teams across the years.  The subject has been argued since the first statistics were maintained and can never be definitively answered.  My analysis began as a means of evaluating the importance of the single after comments made when I suggested in a blog post last week that Billy Hamilton’s lack of power does not affect his ability to be a valuable weapon.

Without giving away the mechanics of this new concept and as a means of promoting participation from the BRM community, I am going to ask for your input.  Reds fans of course hold the teams of the Big Red Machine in high regard but what other teams would you rate as the best of all time?  Post your suggestions here in the comments or on Twitter using the #hashtag #RunEfficiencyRating and we will use the 20 best teams in our final breakdown to crown a winner.

One last teaser for the statistic we will be using.  It will be called the Run Efficiency Ratio or RER.

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